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Sowing Seeds of Perspective in Our Writing

The new year often brings about resolutions.  Lose weight. Check.  Exercise more. Somewhat check. Stop drinking so much caffeine. Uhh–yeah about that.  Start a blog. Double check–started 2nd one today.

As a former educator, I have noticed that some of my students view writing as some Holy Grail that is only given to the gifted.  So I liked demystifying the writing process and the rules and exceptions to the rules of the writing conventions.  I hope to continue doing the same for all types of readers on this blog.

As a writer, I like to share how I engage with my own writing process.  I stumbled across a writing metaphor exercise that I did with my students a long time ago.  It made me want to re-envision writing as a starting place to my resolution of working more on my writing.  For me, writing is birth.

Just like when women give birth, my writing/creation is not perfect; there are some idiosyncrasies, characteristics that are imperfect,  that others except the mother/creator may see as flaws, but  no creation is intended to be perfect. Writing is something I still love to do because the power is in the process of nurturing the creation and teasing out the best in it.

As writers, the creation becomes an extension/representation of ourselves, our psyches, our humanity—the fragility, wonder, and mortality/immortality of it—that is what writing is.

The power is in the creative process and the creation itself.

Now writing as birth is a commonly used comparison.  Here are some other metaphors that my students created:

*Writing is a puzzle.

*Writing is exercise, depending on whether you like to do it or not.

*Writing is health food.

*Writing is a useless thing only meant for the teacher.  ( Ahh…the blunt stab of honesty here.)

*Writing is traveling.

*Writing is the wind.  It has no ties, and it comes and goes when it wants to.

*Writing is a dream or a stream-of-consciousness.

*Writing is therapy.

*Writing is schizophrenia.

*Writing is a spider web because you start from a small idea and make something beautiful out of it.

So what is your metaphor or simile for writing? How do you see it?  How can re-envisioning the process help you with your own writing?


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