Flash Fiction Tuesday: Mistakenly Meant to Be

Mistakenly Meant to Be

A Flash Fiction Story That Finally Broke Through

the Writing Block of Alexandra Caselle




Image found on Google Images

Image found on Google Images


Demeter was startled by the moans that overshadowed her daily scheduled morning ones.  The winter snow fell in clumps of misshapen snowballs, building a half wall in the doorway of the cave. The loss that coated each cry was raw, much deeper than the one she has endured by losing Persephone for a larger portion of every year.  The sound caused the ground to crack in earthquakes and the clouds to hang low in completely undone, out-of-place tornadoes. Nature had become emotionally off-kilter. There was indeed a war going on, a battle where two distinct phenomenon fought for dominion.  Oh, that cry was familiar.  One caused by a member of a Hellenic fraternity.  Demeter quieted her mind and focused on the direction of the sound.  She wrapped the cowhide cover over her shoulders, the flaps roughly tapping against the blood-encrusted wound extended across her chest.  Demeter found Leda, swaddled in swan feathers, two sets of minds struggling for dominance amidst a broken one.  Leda’s eyes begged for a way out.  Demeter didn’t know what to do.  Hell, she had been searching for an exit door out of a depression so deep that it suspended time.  A snowflake sauntered through the air and landed on top of a shiny object.  Demeter smiled when she recognized it. The Fates had left a needle, one that sewed time and hope into any pattern.  She picked it up and sewed stitches inside her heart.  Once she discovered the pattern of healing, Demeter began patching it  inside the network of Leda’s loss.


Together, they will show other women that what was mistaken was definitely meant to be.

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