Priming for Poetical Release

20130613_194430(Photo taken at University of North Florida)

Priming for Poetical Release

–By Alexandra Caselle

(for those who need a moment)

Come with me, dear child.

I see the weight of the world

kicking its left foot

against the terrain

of your battered soul, scooting

its bum back in the swing

made out of circles

under your eyes, angling

for a position

to lift itself up

in the sky while you remain


Breath of life wheezes

behind the shadows inside

hamlets of your mind.

A gang of problems

have put a choke-hold around

your cracked trachea.

Quickly now, child!  Latch

onto my pen, its ink cures all


Now let me seep through

your bronchioles, purify

you with living words.

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