And When the Bough Breaks (poem)

I am lactating

breasts repossessed by hungry

mouths.  I am switches



broken from bushes

to discipline fresh talkers,

fast behinds, hard heads.



I am covers pulled

back, braids parted, warnings

from the choir box.



I am a vessel

that he rides with or without

my satisfaction.



Three kids step-laddered

in ages. I am a shore

swamped by messages




in bottles, shipped out

from distant lovers and babes

that he has hidden.



I am a network

of branches, anchoring all.

Backbone, yet backless.


2 thoughts on “And When the Bough Breaks (poem)

  1. Alexandra– this reminds me of different books I’ve read about mothers and the hardships that came with that for some of them. What prompted this poem?

    • This poem was part of a series of poems that included “The Smell and Look of Dysfunctional.” I wanted to portray the different sides of marriage and how each party and society views it and the actions within it. I’m going to take a different direction with the poetry book idea, so I decided to publish the poems that I decided not to use.

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