WRITING WHILE FORTY–Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow, One Strand, One Cut at a Time

I thought I would share this She Writes blog with you.  Maybe you had a time when you had to let someone, something, or a writing idea go.


2 thoughts on “WRITING WHILE FORTY–Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow, One Strand, One Cut at a Time

  1. I followed your link to this blog topic and found it very interesting. Since I’m not a member of She Writes, I figured I’d leave my comment over here. First of all, welcome to the 40s club. It’s an awesome club to be in because you get a better (more authentic) grasp of yourself during this time of life and I’ve loving that aspect of it.

    Secondly, go ahead and say goodbye to those lovely locks. I cut all my hair off in January for the New Year. I wanted to start the year with a sassy new look, so I did some housecleaning on top of my head.

    And finally, saying goodbye can be hard, but sometimes we hold on to things much longer than we should. Sometimes the goodbye is long overdue and need to be done. We can’t bloom into new life without getting rid of the weeds that are choking us.

    • Thanks for commenting, Demetria. Yes, I will be saying goodbye to my locks the end of next month. I’m looking forward to a new, sassy look. I liked the way you described it as housecleaning. I have been doing a lot of housecleaning lately, not just my hair. I think it is because I am advancing to that next stage in my life, and I have to be ready to play my part. You are so right about holding on to things that are long overdue. I did a major overhaul of some weeds last year, and I can breathe easier now. I think the hardest part is letting go of a piece of writing that you have worked on so hard and for so long.

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