Eulogy–A Poem

Each crack of thunder

echoes fractures branching out,

the disconnecting


of the synapses

of the nervous system, the

death of an idea.


4 thoughts on “Eulogy–A Poem

  1. Trying to figure out if this is the eulogy of a poem (i.e. last line: death of an idea), as in you had an idea for a poem but it died. Or is this just referencing a Eulogy in general? I took it as the death of a poem, and as such I like the symmetry of what that stands for: I had an idea but it died.

    I guess the interpretation is in the eye of the reader. Each reader, multiple interpretations, and all of them relevant because the writer gave us pause, made us think, made us feel.

    • Thank you for responding,Demetria. Actually, it can be the loss of anything; the word idea is open for interpretation. It can be a writing idea, an institution like marriage, an abstract idea like love, or a memory. I like the last line of your comment because it is true. It actually gave me a writing idea, so thank you 🙂

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